Monday, May 17, 2010

My first post :P

Okay ,now now, why am I feeling so restless right now ? I feel like there's something wrong. Am I being paranoid or what ? i feel like there's something is keep bothering me , i dont know what is it . I've been trying to forget my problems at times. And it works by just laugh, talk, etc. and and im just sick with that girl behavior.i dont know what is wrong with her,she keep making fun of me . i ddnt do anything . she think she hs the coolest bf ever but hey i dont give a damn about that ok? please , stop it . youre making me stress.i try not to bother bt hey i hv feeling too right? and nowadays my mood swing and its because of YOU girl . what do you want me to do? tell me. if thats the only thing that can make you satisfied they why not right? I wish i can do something about it but something is pulling me back ! ok enough craps.

School was okay la . the first period was pjk which is AWESOME . me and umirah did the Ujian thinggy minggy and we had FUN! :D . and the tassawur and pd was SUPERB too :) because we hv the coolest teachers ever ! i swear , i love all of you so damn freaking much ! Puan razana told us that we're going to Terengganu next month fr the sivics and im exited . I just need to rest my head . I told arif,muiz,umi,aishah,lili and piqa about the probs (while eca was sleeping) that im having and they want me to ask her why is she doing all this shits to me bcz i did nothing ! thanks guys , You guys are coolest friends ever, you guys is always there when i need you guys the most. i am not srong enough to handle this shitty things alone. pffft ,emo . But a big Fat thanks to you guys k ? i owe you guys much ! and im gonna miss you guys so damn much . :) you guys are the BOMB!

okay what else? hurm , Cikgu Suhaimi asked me why am i being so emo lately . Okay cikgu , ill try to be cool.ill try okay :) god willing .

i gtg, my mom's calling. we're going to eat :) so byebye guys . tc of yourself and thank you fr lending me your eyes :D

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