Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hurm, where should i start? im quite happy today because i think i can answer the TASAWWUR papers . man , i cant believe it ! thank god i studied last night and this morning, i hope ill score ! -,-. what ? im just hoping ! SHUT UP! :P
and guess what a few more days, I'll be saying hello to those ugly, brain-squeezing papers. Aaahh nice -.- right?If it's not mid-term, I won't really give a flying tuck but no, this is mid-term. Yes, I bold it so that you guys would understand the stress I'll be going through.so thats mean spm is just around the corner , :( . boo fr me. damn , i need someone to teach the form 4 maths,like seriously . I have to be nerdified and bury my head in note books and text books.Conclusion is, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have to concentrate in class. I can't do something else during a different subject's period. I have to do a lot of notes and most important is..
Yeap, that's the study spirit :)

what else?i came back from school at 4 . went to library . try to to the BM essay :) alhamdulillah , its kind a worth it la . will try to do it more :) im sure CIKGU SUHAIMI will help me :)
okay lah , i need to get ready to tuition (Y) bye guys :)

damn,my legs hurt.really:'(

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