Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Okay here's the thing okay. To spice things up, someone isn't satisfied. C'mon, don't let your emotion rule your mind. Let bygones be bygones. You don't have to bring it up again, it's annoying and it pisses me off.I've been on numerous hell rides on roads that are too rocky for me to bear with. I have had enough .I don't want to mess my mind up with other problems that are not worth my time. Yes, not worth my time but who am I to avoid myself from thinking about it, right ? so please? im tired. haih . alright , im not gonna talk about it . -,-

Yes, school was great :D .Okay, today during tasawwur ,It makes me realize that anything can happen. Even in a split second Allah can take your life anytime. When you're young or old. When you're cooking or sleeping. It's possible :x .

Gosh, I just love school. Whenever I tell my friends about my problems, they'll try to cheer me up or they just don't wanna see me moody and allMost important is, they'll just make me laugh like I'm the happiest person in the world (: .

I went to az-zahra with ena and thahirah (: and zaqer and azim was there too . And azim whenever i saw you , ill think about that BITCH ! and both of you are cute okay . haha (: they ROCK man ! (: PROUD to say , saya study (: . Okay ? :PI can't seem to squeeze those gazillion facts of Agama and Sejarah into my brain .So technically, I'm blank. You can hear crickets singing in my brain !That's just because I'm not ready for the papers. Like I said, I'm totally, extremely BLANK ! what am i suppose to do now ? tell me please? i tried okay !

god , please help me . i do need you in my life . you are my everything , i can tell you anything , anytime , you will always be there , thank you .

Okay i gtg (: . Need to bath and STUDY :P . and yeah , cant wait fr the tuition ! haha P: toddles ! :

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