Friday, May 21, 2010

Ohkayy , Its been like 2 days sine I last posted something on this shit . I am trying to write in whole letters now and not in short forms cause well , I think short forms are ugly dontchuu think so ? :) haha . I am posting in the evening so that my urge to blog will not disturb my needs to study effectively tonight . right -,-.Yes it is saturday and yes tomorrow's sunday which means I have school and yeah the ENGLISH paper is waiting for me :P

You dont know how much i miss you la used to be my very bestfriend . you are the one who i can tell everything , even if i call you late at night , even when youre sleeping you will be like

Me You
Hey , what are you doing?sleeping?Sorry for bothering .
Eh no lah . im okay . No, you are not bothering me .
Can i talk to you for awhile ?
La . sure . I dont mind lah .
Whats wrong ? Are you okay?
blablablabla blablablabla

Thanks for everything , thank you for being there for me whenever i need someone or even when im bored . you will make me laugh like hell . a big fat thanks to you k? im sorry fr everything that ive did . i know it was my fault . im the one who start treating you like shit and now we dont talk, laugh and share everything anymore I hope you know how much I regret doing the things I did .I keep thinking about it every single day .How sorry I am .And you still treat me like shit , IMY . but i think
now its time to built a bridge and get over it . It may take time . But theres nothing else I can do . Wait for a miracle to happen ? I don't think miracles would happen now . Whats done is done , there's nothing else more I can do . So this is it , this is the end . I shall stop trying , and built myself a bridge . huh , i wish im strong enough to built a bridge . lets just HOPE ! okay enough craps . But remember one thing , whenever you help , ill be there .

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