Monday, May 24, 2010

okay, i cant sleep . im missing waheeda so damn badly . :'( . how i wish you were here . tonight i dont care about my bloody spelling or grammar or whateve r . i just need to let this thing out . im so damn freakin stress . I dont know whats happening to me , i mean i dont even know how to control myself which is haih ,you'know . I feel so damn bloody useless . I made my mom cry , what kind of daughter am i ? do i have feeling ? as you can see , i love my mom and dad more than anything and my siblings and family and friends , to me they are everything , theres nothing i could ask for more but i always make them dissapointed of my behavior . okay enough , i wont tell anybody about myself , i mean i have to handle it alone and im not goin to drag anyone . so , the conclusion is PLEASE stop making me stress . I need to rest , i need to concentrate on my SPM , im tired . i need to sleep now . its 12.22 a.m . i need to wake up at 5.00 am tomorrow . have to study so bye .

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