Friday, May 28, 2010

Have you ever gone through that moment when you want things to be alright so so much ? You reminisce the old times and hope for things to be just like how it used to be. But after thinking about it thoroughly, you know everything's impossible. Screw Nike for saying Nothing Is Impossible, I just proved it wrong. I thought it is possible for things to be a-okay, to be back on track, to be fine you know. After trying so hard, nothing seems to change. So, where's the possibility in that now ? Gone with the wind perhaps. I miss eveything . I miss everything . I miss my old life . Till today, you have no idea how much do I regret making that decision. But I just had to. That's why I'm letting it all out right here. 'Cause I have no one to talk to anymore. The only person who understands me, who knows what I'm going through, who would listen to me babbling, who would be a listener, who wouldn't mind listening to me letting out my problems while crying, who is just a very dear friend,nowhere to be found anymore. I am feeling a tad bit emo and I dont know why .Have you ever felt like as if when you need to talk to someone . And you end up ranting everything to him/her but they never pay attention ? It feels as if you'd be better off talking to a wall right ?Anyways , I cooled down after that . I knew you werent doing it on purpose so its okay . Okay . I shall stop complaning . I am grateful fr what i have now Allah but its just that I miss my old life . I am 17 and is this how my life should be ? Can i have one happy family ? or I dont deserve it ? okay . I know this is a challenge from You . :)
I miss high school already although I'm not out of it just yet. I can already tell I'm going to miss school and my friends and everything associated to high school let it be gossiping amongst all of us. I mean, who are we kidding ourself. After we leave school, there's no saying we'll be this close again kan ? Hohum. THANK GOD FOR FACEBOOK.

Hurm , what else ? oh yeah , IRA helped me today . cant you see that my blog page became AWESOME ? haha . yeah , i know . its obvious . :p
Ira made it by her ownself . i owe her . thank you ira fr helping . I am glad to have you as my friend young lady . A big fat thanks to you . :) .

Okay now im having my fucking mid term which is haih , i dont know what to say la . I know , I have to start the HARD WORK now before its too late , I just have to . I woke up at 5 a.m in the morning just to study fr the past few days and im proud of myself , :p

Nowadays , I try to do everything by my ownself . I mean i dont ask help frm maid anymore . I wash my cloth , I make sure my room clean . I do most of evrytthing by my ownself . :') okay what ? at least I have changed a bit? i am not the old faresha anymore , the one who is so lazy , wake up late , ask maid to do evrything , who cant survive without maid but now I dont give a damn about maid , i know how to take care of myself . :')

I cant wait for holidays to come , i miss my cousins . I miss everyone , :')

okay i shall go to bed right now , it past my bed time so good night . sorry fr the grammar and spelling error :P . :')

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